Reslice dicom data given computed axis


I think this question has been asked many times but I can’t find a post answering it.
Here’s my workflow:

  • I use slicer to segment an organ from CT Scan
  • then export the STL
  • this STL is processed by a programm of mine. It gives me 3 vectors as usual reference frame to display this organ.

Here I don’t know what to do. The slices of the CT scan are not perpendicular to the computed frame.
I’d like to resample, rotate and translate the initial CT scan or compute a new CT Scan so that the slice are perpendicular of my frame.
What module can I use to archieve that?

If you know these vectors you can create a matrix to transform the CT and the segmentation for display. If you want you can resample the data through this transform.

thanks for your reply.
It’s seems to be what I’m looking for but is there another tutorial or explanation how to use it. I’m bit lost…