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I found that using 3D slicer to open DICOM image sequence, the resolution is very clear, but I use my own demo, ITK to read DICOM sequence, and then use VTK to display DICOM image, the resolution is very blurred, not 3D slicer clear. Why? Looking at the code, I found that 3dslicer uses vtkITK Archetype ImageSeries ScalarReader and vtkITK Archetype ImageSeries Reader to read and parse DICOM image sequences, and then I tried to use these two classes to read DICOM images, but the display is still not clear 3D slicer. Is 3D slicer optimized after that? Which class does the code use?CCA5EA60-7B30-4a6a-AC10-9A904C9D258C

To make sure we answer your question as thoroughly as possible, would it be possible to summarize what you are trying to achieve ?

Alternatively, if you found an issue with the current modules, I suggest you provide a set of steps allowing to reproduce the problem.

Most likely the pixel data is identical but there is something different in the display pipeline. You can control the way Slicer displays the data using the Volumes module and also see the pixel values with the Data Probe. Probably there’s a way to do something similar in the ITK+VTK demo (or you can add something for debugging).

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thank you for u answer! i have try to do it!