Double Images when loading a DICOM file

I am using operating system of Windows 10. 3D slicer 4.10.2 was downloaded.
I opened a DICOM file and expected the good resolution of the image.
But the interface show double image for three plane and the resolution was bad.
After adjusting the contrast, the resolution of the image does not meet my expectation (like what in a DICOM viewer.)

May i know what is the problem? Thank you in advance.

After loading a DICOM,

After adjusting the contrast,

Comparing with the DICOM viewer,

Hope you can lend me your hand on this matter. Thank you.

Please try if latest Slicer Preview Release loads the images correctly. If not, then follow these instructions.

This may be fixed in the current ITK master (5.1), at least it is for some images with very similar error. A sample image were interesting.

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It able to load the DICOM which download from slicer.

Nothing changes when follow the ’ I would expect to see a different image’

After patching using volume patcher,

Try loading the data by selecting one of the files in the [Add Data Dialog], same thing appear.

Here i share the cleaned series.

Hope you can help me in this.
Thank you so much.

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ITK toolkit (that Slicer uses to load DICOM images) cannot load these images correctly, most probably because the image is compressed and ITK chooses incorrect data type.

While we fix the issue, you can import this data set into Slicer by following these steps:

  • install SlicerDcm2nii extension in Extension Manager and restart Slicer
  • switch to module: Diffusion / Import and Export / Diffusion-weighted DICOM import (DCM2niixGUI)
  • set “Input Directory” to the folder that contains your DICOM files and click Apply

@thewtex Does this error look familiar to you? Has it been fixed in recent ITK versions?

It looks like improved handling of the pixel type is required.

There have been many improvements since Slicer’s current version of ITK:

with credit to @issakomi, who has significant relevant experience. It is worth a bump to ITK 5.1rc01.

Thank you @thewtex , I confirm that the image loads correctly when switching to ITK 5.1rc01.

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Fix is on the way. You can monitor the status of ITK version update that will fix this issue here.

Hi Sir, thank you for you reply. This is the outcome after trying SlicerDcm2nii extension. Image appear single now but the contrast is till not in expection.

Thank you so much for you help.

The contrast of the image looks excellent. You can adjust display window width/level by left-click-and-drag in slice viewers.

Okay. Really thanks for you help.