Robust ICP alignment tool


I am again frustrated with the ICP alignment of the surface registration of 3D Slicer. I am just wondering is it not possible to use this method in 3D Slicer ?

This is for Blender and even with the basic settings it gives excellent results within less than a 30 seconds out of the box and in 3D Slicer even with max setting results wich takes minutes results are sub par.

This is what I want to do,

Though I haven’t add the results of Model to Model distance and view this on shape population view I did it here and the ICP blender results are fantastic.
I know I can get good results with Fiducuial registration method but ICP is much more convenient and is fully automatic rather than been semi automatic.

I can use both software to get what I want but it would be great if this problem many of us has can be fixed in 3D Slicer and I would very much appreciate if someone can fix this.

thank you

You can try and see if the rigid alignment in alpaca helps you. İt is available in SlicerMorph.

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thank @muratmaga

is this statement still valid?

“Linux users can only use ALPACA in 3D Slicer versions with date [2020-09-25] or older”

Do I need an older version?

Sorry that’s incorrect. Please use the latest preview and SlicerMorph.
I will tell remove that.

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