Rotational Ultrasound

Hello Andras.

This is Josh. I am currently working on the same project as shabopbop, and we are encountering a issue that we are not sure how to resolve.

There are two parts.

  1. When the converts images from ijk to xyz dimension, certain region shows a misaligned center of axis rotation.

this shift is a result of flipping along a false axis (yellow) and it needs to be fixed to flip along the true axis (red).

I have identified that the value “2.12” from below determines the location of the axis.

#Set up frame geometry and rotation
#centerOfRotationIJK = [(extent[0]+extent[1])/2.0, extent[2], 0]
centerOfRotationIJK = [(newExtent[0]+newExtent[1])/2.0, newExtent[2]+newExtent[3]/2.12, 0]
rotationAxis = [1, 0, 0]
rotationDegreesPerFrame = 180.0/numberOfFrames

Here’s my question.
Is it possible to automate estimation for this value for each image before executing the image flip to fix the misalignment?

  1. When annotating the segments, I noticed that anatomical structures before the image flip is much clearer compared to post flip. Is it possible to edit the flip code such that we can annotate the structure first on the ijk images, then flip the annotation along with the pixels?