Rt structure misalignment with image


I have US images with its corresponding rt structure. I am using slicerrt module for visualizing rt structure but as you can see in the attached image, rt structure is not aligned correctly with the image. what should I do to align them correctly?

I would be appreciated for your help in advance.

Did you load the US images also through the DICOM browser?

Also, if you use 4.10.2 or older, please download a recent preview version and try again.

Hi cpinter,

I load US images through DICOM browser and do all the process by using both nightly and stable 3d slicer latest version.

Is the structure set a full 3D volume of the prostate or just a flat single-slice segmentation? Is the ultrasound a single slice, a non-position-tracked time sequence of slices, or a reconstructed 3D volume?

If you want a 3D structure set line up with the ultrasound then you need to export the reconstructed 3D volume from Oncentra, not the uncalibrated, unregistered input image sequence.