Run slicer on windows with log / terminal output?

Hi there!

New to slicer here, excited to dig in.

I’m trying to run the HDBrainExtraction module and it seems to hang (30 minutes or more) when initialzing / installing pytorch.

Not sure if slicer uses a .venv, i have lots of Torch installs from AI apps, though I am keen to have it use its own install of course.

Regardless, I’d like to see what is going on when it hangs - is there any way to launch slicer.exe with some kind of terminal output so I can see what is going on? There doesn’t seem to be a terminal window in slicer. I just want to see the install / build progress so I can troubleshoot.

I’m not an expert by any measure, so I tried:

slicer.exe -l
slicer.exe | cat

but no dice.

Any advice on how to expose what is going on?