Runtime Error R6036 (microsoft visual c++ run time library)

Hi everyone.

I have had problems when importing Scipy in Slicer 4.10.2 on Windows 10.

After write ‘import scipy’ I get a Runtime Error R6036.

I have installed Scipy from Python interactor in Slicer with the following command:

from pip._internal import main as pipmain

I would be really appreciated it if somebody could let me know how I can fix it.
Thank you very much.

You need to use recent Slicer-4.11 versions to be able to install packages from PyPI.

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@xlucox Scipy is now included by default in the most recent versions of Slicer 4.11 preview , so you won’t even need to install scipy manually.

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Yes. Thank you very much.

I changed the older version for the newest and it works.

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