Save IGTLink 3D coordinates

Hi there,

I am currently simulating that I receive some coordinates through the usage of the TrackerSim binary file that I found in an old page in the website. Now, I was able to mimic that this is a remote machine that is sending coordinates to another machine in which I have 3D Slicer running with IGTLink as a server. Initially I started the server in 3D Slicer, and after some time working on the TrackerSim, I was able to transmit some data. After that, I figured that there is a feature that allows you to ‘Collect Points’, so I assumed that this is what I wanted, and I was correct on that since I started to see that there were some ‘dots’ that got drawn into the 3D view. I was trying to download those streamed coordinates, but when I hit the SAVE button it only saves a txt file that has the following form:

#Insight Transform File V1.0
#Transform 0
Transform: AffineTransform_double_3_3
Parameters: -0.9974045864631055 0.04716505426897695 0.05439964112597738 -0.04716505426897695 0.14285717972280787 -0.9886188497583283 -0.05439964112597738 -0.9886188497583283 -0.1402618257905485 -49.41922555485868 -1.6675462033025057 -7.413424280973429
FixedParameters: 0 0 0

How can I save all the coordinates that I have sent to the IGTLink Server in a CSV or TXT file? Or is there any other format that I can use to save ALL of the coordinates transmitted during a certain period of time?

Thanks and I do appreciate your help!