Saved Transformed Registration for Calculating Model To Model Distance

Operating system: windows
Slicer version: 4.8.1


I have a question regarding how I can save registration (done under transform module) to a file form that could be used for calculating model to model distance.

The registration was automatically saved as “.h5” by the software, and when I tried calculating “model to model distance” with the “.h5” registration, the calculation just ran forever and did not come up with an result.

  • Olivia

Try latest version of Slicer.

Can you share an example scene (saved as .mrb file) where you can reproduce the issue? Tell us the exact steps that you do after you load the scene.

Here is the scene. This is after I’ve registered the 2nd time point surface model(in vtk format) onto the 1st time point surface model. I wanted to save the models in their registered positions, so that I can later generate model to model distance color map off it. But on the save options, there was not an option for saving the registered models as vtk or gipl format.


If you want to persistently modify model point positions then harden the transform on the model. You can do it in Transforms module (select the transformed node in Apply transform / Transformed section and click harden button) or in Data module’s Transform hierarchy tab (right-click on transformed node and click Harden transform).

So I was able to save the transform following your advice!! Thanks a lot!!

However, I’ve ran into another problem. That is, after creating a color map file with the transformed models in “model to model distance module”, I moved on to the “ShapePolulationView” (as instructed in DCBIA tutorial video #5A 3D), and nothing happened when I clicked apply . I was waiting for an independent window to pop up like in the tutorial, but nothing happened. Any ideas on how to get the colormap module window to show?

Here is how the scene look like:

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!!

ShapePopulationViewer only works in latest nightly version of Slicer. @jcfr can you confirm?

Most features of ShapePopulationViewer are also available directly in Slicer. What would you like to do?

I would like to get my registered models to show quantitative changes in colormaps

You can go to Models module and enable coloring by distance in Scalars section: check Visible checkbox, choose Active scalar, and you may further customize display by selecting colormap, displayed range, thresholding, etc.