Saving interaction slice planes and/or reformat values


I am struggling a bit with creating markups in resliced planes. I hope that someone here might have some insight if what I want to achieve is possible?

Using the interactive slice planes is great, I can use it to find a good view of the anatomy that I am interested in. When I find a good view I can place some markers or a closed curve for example. Then I adjust the interactive slice planes to find a good view of another anatomical structure which I want to annotate. The difficulty that I am having is that I cannot find a way to easily go back to the first view that I created my annotations in.

Would there be a way to somehow save a slice orientation and go back to it?
I found the Reformat module that allows manually setting angles/normals of the planes. I’m thinking maybe it is possible to save/load these Reformat values in a file using python? Or am I maybe overlooking a simpler solution?


You could try creating transforms (move the data) rather than moving the slice planes (change the view). Transforms can be saved with the scene and you can apply them arbitrarily.