Fixing/Saving slice relations from the interactive slice intersection tool


I feel like this may have been addressed somewhere in the support section already, but I was not able to find the right post.

  1. I am wondering if there is a way to “fix” the slice orientation & position set by using the “Interactive Slice Intersection” tool, so that the view does not change when I display a different volume.

For example, when I set the slice intersections like this:

And then display a different volume, the slice views change to the default orthogonal + center position:

But it would be great if I could keep the slice orientation fixed across the different volumes that I’m trying to visualize.

I am aware of the Sequences module, and I can view multiple time points using the same slice views that way, but I would like the option to just change the volume display and still maintain the slice views.

  1. On a similar note, what is the accurate way to save the interactive slice view parameters to load them for viewing later? I could not find this easily in the script repository.

Thank you.