Saving Virtual Reality video capture

Good morning gentle persons. (depending on time zone)
I’m now comfortable with both segmenting and creating models, and using Volume Rendering and viewing both in Virtual Reality.

However while Screen Capture does a good job by rotating the model and capturing that output, I’d like to be able to capture my view from within Virtual Reality (Oculus Rift) as I can then both rotate and lean in as required.

I’ve used the Oculus Mirror program, which does a competent job; sometimes, however it appears to add significant overheads and makes the scene ‘jumpy’.
Is there another method of doing this from within Slicer itself?

We record videos as described here: I’ve never experienced that SteamVR’s built-in mirror view would have any performance impact - maybe try that instead of Oculus Mirror.

You may try these tips to improve rendering performance.