Slicer VR scene saved


Regarding the Slicer VR, let’s say specifically, to save the Virtual reality scene once I did changes. I do not intend to save e 3D scene. want to save the VR scene. is there possibility to save the VR scene on slicer.

By VR do you mean virtual reality or volume rendering?

The beauty in Slicer’s virtual reality implementation is that you see and modify the same scene on the desktop as in virtual reality. If you save the scene then you save the scene, there is not a separate one for virtual reality. Is not this what you need? Do you mean capturing a screenshot?

Hi Thank you. I meant Virtual reality. Yes I want to save the VR scene only. For an example in unity we can build a scene once we set up the game or view.

Do you have any problem with how Slicer currently saves the scene? What would you like change?

because when we do changes in VR space (I did changing background colors and volume colors ) when we save the scene VR changes dont save it just save only 3D space changes.I can render saved scene in VR space.