Scalar volume geometry error

Operating System: MacOS Majave
Modality: CT

When trying to load DICOM slices I get the warning “reference image in series does not contain geometry information”, I proceed to load anyway and two dimensions are stretched. This may be due to a recent update to the imaging reconstruction software. I am not sure how to resolve this issue or if there is another way to load the slices.

The problem seems to be that the image does not contain geometry information (origin, spacing, axis directions). It may be a secondary capture image (screenshot) or the required DICOM fields are missing.

You can inspect what fields are present in the DICOM file by clicking “Metadata” button in the DICOM browser.

What software did you use to generate the image?

Thank you for responding. Which required DICOM fields should I check?
The software used to generate the images is North Star Imaging.

Industrial CTs are known to have lots of DICOM standard compliance issues.

You may try running your data set through Slicer’s “DICOM Patcher” module, which fixes some common mistakes.

In CT image IOD, it is mandatory to have image plane module, with required (type 1) fields: pixel spacing, image orientation, and image position.

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Running the data set through DICOM Patcher prompts an error with tag (0020, 0012). I have an unknown acquisition number. Also, following the links you posted, tag (0020, 0037) is missing. Not sure if it accompanies another image that is misplaced. I will scroll through the other slices to see if it is out of order.

The image won’t load if image orientation tag (0020, 0037) is missing. Is it missing from all slices or just a few? If only missing from a few then you can delete those, clean up the database, re-import, and see if you get a complete volume from the rest of the slices.

Tag (0020, 0037) is missing from all slices, not sure what to do about that. However, I now have X, Y, Z tiff slices to try and load. I have no idea what to expect, I am going to try them this evening. I’m confident the error is with the image reconstruction software, I am trying to hash it out with their support.