Scissors on range of slices

I usually find the scissors tool to be the greatest thing since sliced bread (no pun intended). Sometimes I want to use it only on a range of slices - The only way I’ve found to do this effectively is to make a mask and use that as the editable area when using the scissors tool. Is there a quicker way to do this?



I think using masking is the simplest way to restrict scissors. Do you have any better suggestion?

It would be useful to be able to use the scissors starting at a slice and continuing only in a given direction, say downward, to do a “cutaway”. There are other ways of doing this, like you mentioned, using masking, so “directional scissors” would be more of a convenience.

I second the request that for slices specifying the physical length would be a very useful addition to the tool. E.g. start on the slice the outline was drawn, and say +/- 10mms, or actual slice counts in that plane. …

I’ve added the option of restricting cutting in slice view to one side of the slice plane or to a specified thickness around the slice plane. It’ll be available in tomorrow’s nightly build. Let me know if this fulfills your needs.

Will do. Thanks!!!


Awesome, thank you.

Wow, this works great!

Thank you very much!


I have a hollow model and I would like to use the scissors so they cut only through one layer and not through the whole model. Is that possible?

You could try this Segmentation Recipie for a craniotomy which sounds like what you are describing

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Hi ! How can I use this option?

You can find the option in Segment Editor → Scissors effect options: