Seeing unapproved posts

(Mohamed Moselhy) #1

I couldn’t seem to find a way to retrieve a topic that I just created because I pressed a button by accident and it created the topic before I was done writing it up.

Could there be a way to let users see their own unapproved posts so that they can modify them?

(Andras Lasso) #2

I don’t see any unapproved posts. One option is to post again. If I see two very similar posts then I usually approve there more recent one and discard the other. After a few reading and writing A few posts your user is automatically promoted and your posts appear immediately, without requiring approval.

(Isaiah Norton) #3

I rejected an incomplete post about sequences earlier (and approved the longer one).

I don’t think there is any option to allow editing queued posts.

(Mohamed Moselhy) #4

Thanks for that. I was suggesting to allow editing of queued posts, so that the user does not have to type everything all over again