Disable editing of posts for new users

It has become a common pattern that spam bots post some seemingly valid message that they edit to add malicious links a few days later (when people who monitor all new posts don’t read them anymore).

See for example these topics (spam posts are marked deleted and will disappear at some point):

There are two options to discourage these spam bots:

Option B would be probably more effective, but it would impact all users. However, it may not be that bad to limit post editing to quick modifications right after posting anyway. So, I slightly prefer option B.

What do you think @jcfr @pieper @ihnorton @fedorov


Yes, I prefer option B. If people make a big mistake like posting possible PHI or something and don’t realize right away then they should be able to contact an admin to get the post edited.

Amazing. I am glad you caught this Andras.

Why don’t we implement both A and B?

It is better do the minimum necessary restrictions to not frustrate users. We can first try if applying one of the restrictions is enough.

OptionB sounds like a good option Andras.

I was suspicious of those comments in the topics that you marked as examples above. I specifically checked the specific user a day later to see if they modified the posts with links and sure enough they did. I then marked as spam at that time.


Thanks for all the feedbacks. I’ve set post editing time limit to 60 minutes. Hopefully it is long enough for legitim users and short enough for spammers.


Makes sense. I thought most will meet A anyway, but I can understand your concern. No objections!