segment background dosn't move in transformation (JPEG - 2D) +++

Operating system: Win10
Slicer version: 4.11
Expected behavior:
For simmulating an orthognathic operation (here: forewarddisplacement of the mandible (lower jaw))
mark points - create a segment (Scissors = just outline) - move segment (points in the segment follow along) - rotation of the segment around amanually asigned point - coordinates of the markups acualisize to the new position automatically

Actual behavior:
I did:

  • load an JPEG (2D)
  • place some markups
  • create an segement (unfortunately >Paint< because >Scissors< will not work)
  • transform the segment and the markups in the desired direction

Problems that occured (ordered by importance (1th = most important)

  1. the background X-ray area under the segment does not move with the segment (green area)
  2. coordinates of the markups in the description (R, A Value) do not change according to the change of position
  3. rotation seems to happen arround the upper left corner of the picture, not where I want it
  4. markups have to be added to the transformed segment manually - they don’t follow automatically (if inside the segment / selection)

I am grateful for any help, but problems 1 and 2 are crucial…

anks a lot in advance


By default Scissors is in Erase mode. You can set it to fill mode if you want to fill regions with it.

Apply the same transform to both the segmentation, image, and markups.

You can choose to see the coordinates in world or local coordinate system (“Transformed” checkbox).

You can use Fiducial registration wizard (in SlicerIGT extension) to rotate/align objects. If you want to rotate with a slider then you can set up a center of rotation point or rotation axis line as shown in examples in the script repository.

Please clarify. Adding an annotated screenshot can help.

General advice: You can figure out the workflow by using Slicer core modules, and once you know what to do, it is usually worth to create a small Python scripted module to automate the workflow. In the GUI of your module everything is available in one place, you only show the necessary options, and automate everything as much as possible.