Segment editor control over smoothing

I am unsure if this feature doesn’t already exist but I can’t seem to find it. When using the segment editor, the meshes it generates look heavily smoothed to the point where they loose a lot of detail (especially when compared to other software like invesaelius, mimics etc…) For me segment editor is the most powerful of all the different software I have tried, so it would be great to have control over how smoothed the mesh is so detail can be preserved

You have full control over smoothing parameter (in drop-down menu of “Show 3D” button).

If you experience that you cannot represent the small details with enough accuracy then you may consider making the segmentation’s internal labelmap higher resolution than the input volume: click “Specify geometry” button next to the master volume selector, choose the input volume as “Source geometry”, set “Oversampling factor” to something between 1.5-3.0, and click OK.


Thank you so much for the reply, I’ll try it out tonight and see how it goes

Just tried it out and those two things were exactly what I was after, thank you so much. Although they don’t up-res the segments already made but I kind of expected that

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