Segment editor table add new column

Hi all.
I have created a SegmentEditorEffect. Through this effect I am able to add/delete segment objects. I can get/set their attributes such as visibility, status flag, color, etc.

However, I would like to add new attributes to these segments. For example, I want to add a new status attribute which is either a 1 or 0 for each of these segment objects.
Also, I would like to create an additional column in the table view so that this status is visible to the user on the screen (just like Flagged, Completed, etc.) are currently visible in the table.

In conclusion, I would like to add another column to the right end of this table. I would like to set this attribute through the code and it should be visible to the user.
How would I go about doing this? I am unable to access the table itself. Also, I am not sure if I can add a column to this table through SegmentEditorEffect python code.