New feature: Search and filter in segments table

Previously, one of the main obstacles to using the segmentations module was that it was difficult to navigate through the table to find a specific segment. With the addition of the filter bar, it is now easier to use segmentations containing a large number of segments.

New features in segments table:

  • Segment status

    • Displays the current status of the segment (Not started, In progress, Completed, Flagged)
    • Status can be changed by left-clicking on the status icon (Not started :arrow_right: In progress :arrow_right: Completed :left_right_arrow: Flagged), or by right-clicking on the table and selecting the status from the context menu
    • When creating a new segment, the initial state of the segment will be set to the first visible status
    • Right-clicking on the table and selecting “Clear selected segments” will erase the master representation of the segments and set their status to “Not started”
  • Filter bar

    • Allows filtering through the list of segments based on name and status
    • Hidden by default. Can be shown by right-clicking on the table and selecting “Show filter bar”
    • Searchable text box will only show matching segments (Either in segment name or in the value of one of the tags)
    • Enabled status buttons will only show segments with a matching status
  • Segment editor

    • Editing a segment in the “Not started” state will set the state to “In progress”
    • Previous/Next segment shortcuts will only navigate through the list of visible segments that match the filter

Development was supported by Brigham and Women’s Hospital through NIH grant R01MH112748.