Segment Mesher on Vascular Bundles

Hi everyone.
I have a question regarding SegmentMesher. I know that SegmentMesher usually creates a mesh on the simplified Segmented Volume. But my Segmentation is rather ‘detailed’. I don’t want SegmentMesher ignore these small detailed parts. Is there a way so that SegmentMesher doesn’t see these parts as artifacts? I tried with blend_sigma and it did something but not enough. I have added my Segmentation.

kind regards


You can get arbitrarily fine volumetric mesh using segment mesher, but it could take very long time to generate it and might require hundreds of GB RAM during computation. A very large mesh would also impractical for finite-element modeling.

Instead, you can create a uniform-resolution mesh with a reasonable element size and modulate material properties of the mesh based on samples taken from the image or the segmentation.