Segment visibility toggle 4.10 vs 4.11


Just installed 4.11.20210226, up from 4.10.2, running on Win10 Pro v20H2, build 19042.867

In the Segment Editor, in 4.10.2, when one segment is selected, one can toggle visibility (change open/closed eye icon state) of another segment without simultaneously selecting the other segment. In 4.11, if I click the eye icon to toggle visibility of some segment, I lose focus on the segment on which I’m actually working, leading me to accidentally start editing the segment that I want to see but not edit.

In 4.10.2, hovering over the eye icon shows a dotted border around the visibility icon, which does not appear in 4.11.

Is this an intended behavior new behavior I’ll need to get used to? At the moment, I keep on clicking the icon to see another segment for reference, and start accidentally editing that one instead of the one I want to change.

(I see, for example, that mouse mode selection is new since 4.10.2 - took reference to the manual to find out why left-click/drag didn’t change contrast/brightness any more, but that one seems reasonable.)

thanks very much!

We reworked the segment list to add many new features (searching, filtering, states) and along the way management of checkboxes changed. I agree that the previous behavior was better, but it is not trivial to achieve that again in the new architecture. I would suggest to submit a feature request to the Slicer issue tracker.

Thanks very much! Will do.

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