Segment Editor: clicking eye to toggle visibility should not select segment

In a segmentation it is common to create multiple segments in the Segment Editor module.

The current behaviour is that clicking eye displayed adjacent to an individual segment to toggle the visibility of that segment will automatically result in that segment being selected.
I believe that this behaviour is undesirable.

A common usage of Segment Editor is as follows.

  1. Segment “1” is visible, and being edited with some Effect, while all other segments are hidden.
  2. Editing of Segment 1 seems complete. To check that it matches well with the current Segment 3, click the eye adjacent to Segment 3 to make Segment 3 visible. (Segment 3 is automatically selected.)
  3. Now it is desired to edit Segment 3. Therefore it may be preferred to hide Segment 1 — e.g. if using the Scissors effect, or to prevent Segment 1 from obscuring portions of Segment 3. To do this, click the eye adjacent to Segment 1 to make Segment 1 hidden. (Segment 1 is automatically selected.)
  4. Now Segment 3 is visible, and Segment 1 is hidden, so it seems safe to apply the preferred effect to Segment 3. But — oops! — actually it was Segment 1 that was unintentionally selected!!!

Desired behaviour.

  • toggling visibility does not cause a segment to be selected;
  • editing a segment’s colour (double-clicking the swatch) does not cause a segment to be selected;
  • toggling/setting a segment’s status does not cause a segment to be selected;
  • segments are only selected by clicking (or double-clicking) on their Name.


Agreed. We already have a feature request for this:

You can add a thumbs up to the issue to indicate that you are interested. While it should not be a too difficult change, it would not be trivial either, and there are many higher-priority tasks, so if you want to see this fixed in the near future then your contribution would be welcome (developing yourself or hiring a developer).

Thanks, lassoan: I have added my support to the feature request (or, alternatively, bug report).
Although I did search the forum before posting, I hadn’t found that logged issue.