Segmentating bone in Total Segmentator

I am new to 3D slicer and I am currently testing it to segment bone. I just downloaded the Total segmentator extention and tried to apply it to a CT of two legs. When the prosess finished it curiously only chose the femur, but I also need the tibia, fibia and the foot. Does anyone know why this happen? What do I need to do for it to also segment the rest?
I am using slicer version 5.2.2

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Unofrtunately, lower extremitties are only available in the paying version of TotalSegmentator.

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Ok, thank you.
Where would I find the prices for these applications?

Please contact Jakob Wasserthal, as far as we know there are academic licenses available too.
His email is in this text.

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Hi @KEF,

You may also consider retraining the whole-body CT segmentation model freely available in the MONAI model zoo: model-zoo/models/wholeBody_ct_segmentation at dev · Project-MONAI/model-zoo · GitHub

You could take advantage of the active learning capabilities of the MONAI Label library to get a model for the lower extremities segmentation.

We could consider presenting this as a Slicer project: NA-MIC Project Weeks | Website for NA-MIC Project Weeks

Happy to help. Let me know.


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