Operating system:7
Slicer version:4.11
Expected behavior:
Actual behavior:
I am looking for a method called Template or Atlas method that I can use in 3D Slicer software or ITK Snap software to segment kidney images in CT scan . Please help me and introduce me to other software for segmenting CT images and its algorithms
Thank you

This documentation page is a good starting point for image segmentation: Image Segmentation — 3D Slicer documentation.

Nowadays classic atlas based methods are being replaced by neural networks. If you segment a few hundred images with manual/semi-automatic tools then you can use those to train a network that will segment similar images fully automatically (using for example AIAA Segment Editor plugin). Check out monai framework for details and examples.

Thanks, now I have reset the 3D slicer program by mistake and now I can’t find any module. I installed some items in the extension section, but it didn’t work and I only see the Event Broker module. How should I fix it?

Probably you need to delete your application settings. If you know which extension caused the trouble then let us know and we can have a look.

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