Segmentation: bone without implant, how to do?

Operating system: win10
Slicer version:4.11.20200930
Expected behavior:
Actual behavior:

We do a lot of orthopaedic OPs. Sometimes its very interesting to see the bone without implant.

Its very easy to reduce the data to the implant, but vice versa is not so simple. Is there a way to reduce the dataset to the bone?

This is very easy, just use the Logical Operations effect in segment editor.
Create a one segment for everything, one for your implant, and use Logical Operations to subtract one from the other.
Are you looking for something else?

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Great, thats what I want. Boole operations we use in CAD as well, how to do in 3D-slicer I have to check. Thanks a lot.

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Once again many thanks, it works fine. playing the threshold the result is perfect.

Help found on youtube: How to segment multiple vertebrae in spine CT for 3D printing - YouTube

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