Segment part deletion like osirix bone delete function

Dear 3Dslicer community:
As congenital heart surgeon, I use massively 3dslicer (mostly MRI chest).
To work, I use always segmentation, it makes my work easier.
I don’t need perfect segmentation, otherwise it will take me too long, I just use simple technique

For example, I have a CT chest, I use
Segmentation threshold
Then I use hollow
With this, I have a segment that I can easily inspect on computer.

My question:
I want to delete specifically some part of the segment BUT without using the scissors:
I explain:
Some certainly know the old fashioned osirix:
In 3d there was instrument called bone delete :slight_smile:
In my volume I want to delete a part of the segment that is not in contact with the rest of the segment, for example, the ribs:

The function asked is:
only selective delete what is in continuation with the location where I click.

The advantage:
for example, it will massive speed up my rib/bone deletion in chest imaging.

Any idea?

Many thx

Always pleasure to word with 3dslicer and interact with the community!!


You can use the Islands effect to remove a selected island:


It doesn’t work in 3D so you will have to click on the segment in the slice views.

You might also be interested in the “Keep selected island option” which will remove everything that isn’t connected to a specific location.

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this is a perfect match.
Very good advice, I like it.
Many Many thx!!!

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an the keep selected island was even more good idea!

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