Segmentation editor: Filling in the gaps of Threshold

I am working on isolating the pelvis from the body and it is taking me some time, so I was curious if there was a faster way in filling in the gaps in each slice of the CT scan after thresholding. I am manually going through slice by slice of the pelvis and using the paint tool to shade in the parts that thresholding didn’t get. However, I feel like this is too time consuming and there has to be an easier way.
I hope my question makes sense and that I hear back soon.


SurfaceWrapSolidify extenstion is developed for exactly this purpose. Let us know if you need any help with it.

Hi Andras,

I actually did see this when I was doing research on how to solve this problem. I already have that extension downloaded and when I tried using it I could only create a shell. Is there a way to fill the shell in so that it is solid all the way through and not hollow?

Thank you,

Unless you choose the “Create shell” option, the module generates a solid object.

If the tool does not do what you expect then it would be great if you could attach a screenshot and mark where you expect to see something different.

I just figured it out!

Thank you so much for your help.

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