Fill between slice 3D slicer problem

I have a stent-graft geometry and I would like to fill its holes without modifying the rest of the geometry. I tried to use the fill between slice tool to do so but I can’t figure out how this works…
In one of the photos you can see the holes for a slice in the axial plane

thank you for you help

test 2

Fill between slices requires complete segmentation within each slice. If you paint anything in a slice that is considered as a segmented slice and the effect will not change anything in that slice. To fill in holes, You can use Wrap Solidify effect instead (provided by SurfaceWrapSolidify extension).

Okay thank you for the tip !
I tried to use SurfaceWrapSolidify but if fills the main hole…
I also tried his “Create shell” feature but the shell stops there (in blue on the photo) and is not “closed” in the end

Maybe this is a naive proposition but have you tried to use the “closing” option in the segment editor ?
If you choose your kernel size to be smaller than the central hole it will not fill it.