Segmentation from 3D CT

Anyone know how to segment a 3D CT scan? Exist any extension to do this?

Please refer to the manual for an in-depth discovery of the ‘Segment editor’ in particular.

The picture is not just a single view of the CT. Is a 3D view CT with a rotation of 15 degrees. So the question is if there is a way to segment directly on the 3D view. Because I have poor quality images in the different three views, instead of 3D you can see perfectly the areas that I would like to segment.

Ok, I thought you were referring to CT scan volumes usually shipped to clinicians as a pile of DICOM images.

The ‘3D view CT’ is foreign to me, may be someone else may be of better help here.

Is it possible to upload an anonymized dataset of this ‘3D view CT’ ? I would very much like to know what it is.

You can’t segment a 3d images , those images are already processed .
Segmentation is done for Dicom or even JPEG . These are raw images that can be used for segmentation .

Look for the original volume , usually axial series and use it for segmentation