2D Segmentation of lung nodules

Can 3D Slicer make 2D Segmentation as shown in the previous images?

Sure you can import a single image and run the segmentation tool, but that’s not really what Slicer is intended for…


Yes, as @muratmaga suggests, you can segment single-slice volumes in Segment Editor module.

Why are you considering loading and segmenting only a single CT slice?

Thanks for your reply, i’ve already done my 2d segmentation manually by using matlab algorithm, and just need to compare my results with an automated tool such as slicer.

i tried to use segment editor many times for 2d segmentation (my target) but i couldn’t. so do you have any file explains this target?
thanks in advance

i appreciate your reply.
yes i know, but i need to do 2d segmentation on slicer to evaluate my algorithm results.

Many tools are not applicable to single-slice volumes, but otherwise there should be no problems. Let us know if you have any specific issue.

CT images are natively 3D (except a very few special cases), so I would suggest to do the segmentation in Slicer on the original 3D volume and compared it with the 3D volume that you save in Matlab using nrrdwrite.m (available in Slicer’s MatlabBridge extension).