Segmentation with higher resolution

Hi everyone,

I would like to make a segmentation of the eye, with a resolution of 0.1 mm.
For this purpose, I would like to start my segmentation from building spheres from python code.

I tried to start from this code

*import SampleData*
*# Load master volume*
*sampleDataLogic = SampleData.SampleDataLogic()*
*masterVolumeNode = sampleDataLogic.downloadMRBrainTumor1()*
*# Create segmentation*
*segmentationNode = slicer.vtkMRMLSegmentationNode()*
*segmentationNode.CreateDefaultDisplayNodes() # only needed for display*
*# Create segment sclera*
*eye = vtk.vtkSphereSource()*
*eye.SetCenter(30, 68, -31)*
*segmentationNode.AddSegmentFromClosedSurfaceRepresentation(eye.GetOutput(), "1_Sclera", [1.0,1.0,0.0])*

That works, but with a resolution of nearly 1mm.

Then I tried to crop the volume, increasing the resolution (scaling), with success, following this instructions. However, now I don’t know how to link the sphere code to the segmentation with this higher resolution.

Unfortunately, I am not good at programming with python, I tried to find help with the vtk library and tutorials, without success.
Thanks in advance for your help