SegmentGeometry is limited to 100 slices

Hello, I noticed that when segmenting large organs like the uterus which consisted of ~150 slices in one case, when I wanted to get the information (mean HU, area, etc.) for each slice, the table always printed only 100 values, which seemed to take every other slice’s information.
When the number of slices is less than 100, the table displays all the slices correctly.

Thank you.

Change the Percent Interval to 0 to compute on every slice. It’s set to 1 because for the initial intent of the module, folks often have way more than 100 slices to compute on.

If any other questions come up, I’d recommend checking the github documentation first. GitHub - jmhuie/Slicer-SegmentGeometry: Extension to calculate second moment of area and other cross-sectional properties in 3D Slicer

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Thanks a lot for your help!