Separate Save and Export features

Users are often confused by the complexity of save dialog and that they have to choose file formats and decide what files to overwrite. Saving to MRB simplifies things: everything is saved, and only a single file is used. However, it is not easy to discover this option (people don’t even know that single-file save feature exists).

Should we split the current “Save data” dialog to two independent features (listed separately in the menu)?

  • Save scene: save as MRB, use only a simple file selector
  • Export data: current save data dialog, maybe with MRB option removed

Save scene: save as MRB, use only a simple file selector

The dialog could also indicate that MRB are zip files and that using “Export data” allows more granularity by saving each file independently

+1 to clarifying Save vs Export

MRB has double steps of writing to temporary directory and then compression, which can be slow for large scenes. I would suggest to turn off compression, or default to “save to folder” even in this simplified dialog. Perhaps with the folder name corresponding to the MRML filename.

I would vote for using a single dialog but with mrb selected by default, and then with a radio button that allows saving individual items.

@ihnorton’s idea of saving the volumes uncompressed when they are going into an mrb is interesting and should be easy to test. I also like offering options to easily organize the data even if it’s not being zipped.

(Slightly related note, I also would like to see the mrml scene loader provide a method to specify the path to any data file that isn’t found at the path specified in the mrml file, i.e. because someone moved or renamed it.)