Separate vessels from bones

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when volume rendering is performed on the ct angiography data, arteries is obtained with bone. ı want to see just arteries from ct angiography data, without bone.but ı want to make a transparency on the bone. is it possible? how to make transparency on bone
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This is a commonly needed task and you should be easily solve this (for reasonably good quality images) by segmenting the vessels as described in this recipe.

You can then for example show the vasculature as segmentation (as solid structure) and show surrounding anatomy using volume rendering.

thanks a million. ı want to ask one more thing. ı loaded a picture from an article -Anatomical relationship between cranial surface landmarks and venous sinus in posterior cranial fossa using CT angiography - PubMed. I wonder that is it possible to make the same thing for arteries.

The left image is created by segmenting the vessels and then using that to mask the volume (in Slicer: Mask volume effect in Segment Editor; provided by SegmentEditorExtraEffects extension).

The right image seems to be the same as the left, with the cranium overlaid. This can be achieved by:

  1. segment the cranium and then use that to mask the volume and render it along the vessel volume using multi-volume rendering

Example with aorta and bones:

  1. render the cranium as segmentation, setting its 3D opacity to <1

Example with aorta and soft tissues surface:

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