Rendering images sequentially

Good to see you.
Thank you very much for developing 3d slicer.

I am currently working on a project using 3d slicer, but there is one problem.

What I am trying to do is to display an ultrasound image in 3D space. I have a position sensor for this.

  1. i imported the ultrasound image from verasonics into 3d slicer using openIGTL.
  2. I also imported the transform matrix using the electromagnetic sensor data from polhemus into 3d slicer using openIGTL.

As a result, I was able to display a single piece of ultrasound data in 3d slicer at the location I sent it.

Now what I want to do is send the next one,
When I send the next image, the first visualization disappears.

Is there any way to visualize consecutive imported frames without losing them?

Any help would be appreciated!


We usually record image and transform time sequences using Sequences module. Add a sequence for each node you want to record, set the proxy node to the changing node, and enable recording. You can then click record button on the sequence toolbar to start recording.

You can add a browser node for each time point you want to display. However, we usually create a 3D volume from the tracked image frames using the volume reconstruction module, because then you can show the image in 3D, create 3D segmentations, or reslice anywhere in any direction.

What is your clinical application? Or do you work on preclinical imaging?

Thank you very much for your reply.

My situation right now is the same as above.

I have temporarily floated a random image in a random location.

But when I float the next image in a different position, the previous one disappears.


Above is a figure attached to Dr. prevost’s paper “3D Freehand US without External Tracking using DL”.
This is what I ultimately want to achieve. !ㅜ__ㅜ!

Thank you for the additional information. Your question is answered here: