Set the spin speed in 3D view

Hello everyone!
Could the spin speed of the 3D view be set manually?
In the Edit–Application settings–unit,set the value in frequency and velocity,there is not a little change about the spin speed.

There’s no real direct control because the per-frame render time depends on the complexity of the scene.

You can manually adjust the delay between animation steps by doing something like this in python:

v = getNode('View1')

it will work to slow it down, but not really to speed things up. There are other controls you might want to play with:

I think there is a step size that you can adjust to make the animation go faster (by skipping more).

If you need very high quality rendering and fast spin speed then you can record the spinning animation into a video file using ScreenCapture module.

I should set the spin speed with the third part sofeware or ScreenCapture module!

Thanks a lot,Professor Steve!
The spin speed can be set with the third-party software or the ScreenCapture module basing on the advice Professor Lassoan tought me.
Have a good weekend!