SharedObject Module instead of CommandLine Module


I have a cli module that I am tying to incorporate into Slicer, and it works fine on my machine, but it doesnt work that well on

The Log message output when it works is the following:

Found CommandLine Module, target is  C:/s_build/SlicerGmmRegPackage/4449f7e-win-amd64- 
ModuleType: CommandLineModule
GmmRegistration command line:

The Log message output when it does not work is the following:

Found SharedObject Module
ModuleType: SharedObjectModule
GmmRegistration command line: 

I am not sure what Shared Object is and why it is not finding the proper commandline module. I am not sure if this is the only reason why my module isn’t working on a different machine, but this difference is the biggest difference.

Thank you!

Hi Chad,

I suspect that the error is related to dependent shared objects (*.dll files on windows and *.so files on linux) not being present on the new machine that were present on the machine used for development. With my knowledge of this project, i suspect this issue arose from cublas64_80 not being present. This should be fixable by installing cuda.

When do you see this error?

You could try to resolve other dependencies using dependency walker in windows or ldd in ubuntu