Sharing publications or success stories

I’ve received a message from a user, sharing the news that his work that utilized 3D Slicer has just been published in a prestigious journal. It would be nice to somehow publicly share these news/success stories. Where could we do that?

Slicer publication database, but I don’t know how to upload data there. Also, it would only work for publications, there are no pretty images, and hard to discover new content.

Slicer Image Gallery could work, too, but it has similar issues as the publication database.

Slicer Visual blog would be suitable but it is essentially dead.

Should we create a new category (maybe subcategory inside Announcements)?

Or we should just use Twitter for this?

There’s also the Slicer Community wiki page with lots of publications going back over 10 years.

It would be great to make this all more discoverable and useful in whatever way possible.

Regarding the publication database it’s maintained by the SPL and it you send an email pubs can be added.

This Slicer Community page seems to be the most up-to-date and easy to update - as long as someone has wiki access.

Yes, it’s pretty well curated so let’s take advantage of that as long as the SPL has resources to keep it up to date.

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