Broken link in the wiki

FYI, this link to the 3D Slicer paper in the Acknowledgements section of the Wiki is dead.

P. S.: I’m not sure this is the right Category for this topic.

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Thanks for reporting, I’ve updated the link.

1 Like is again down for me. Considering how often this happens, and that the paper is public access from PubMed, I am going to update the link to point to PubMed version of the paper instead of the one hosted in the SPL publications database.

Looks like Partners breakage. I’ve reported it.

Is there a link to the full text of the paper from PubMed? If not, then upload the pdf to the wiki and add link to that as well. There are many other references to other papers in the SPL publication DB, so hopefully these outages won’t happen very often.

yes, there is. Here is the link to the paper that I put to the acks section:

NIH-funded research is mandated to be open access after 1 year since publishing, so this is the official and permanent record. In my view, links to SPL database only make sense for the papers that are still under embargo, or are not subject to the NIH open access policy.

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