Shifted ROIs (exported from LifeX)

Hi, I am working on a project which requires me to perform radiomics analysis on 3DSlicer on ROIs exported from LifeX.

Every ROI exported from LifeX is shifted compared to the PET series when I open it on 3D Slicer, even if thez appear normally on LifeX.
I export the ROIs as nifty files on LifeX.

Thanks for you help

Slicer is used by tens of thousands of researchers with a wide range of imaging modalities, so any incorrect interpretation of input data would have been reported many times. Therefore, if there are any misalignments then it is much more likely due to incorrect export from LifeX. I would recommend to report the error to LifeX developers. If they think that their outputs are correct then they can provide more details here and we can help with further investigation.

Thanks, the problem was solved.
Sorry for bothering you