Siemens PET/CT files

Can Slicer directly load Siemens PET/CT images? (.img and .hdr files) I can get them into Slicer by exporting them from Siemens’ software in dicom format, but it would be much more convenient to import them into Slicer directly.


Have you tried loading the .hdr file into Slicer?

Is the .hdr file a text file? Can you copy its contents here? (make sure to remove any patient information, if any)

I’ve tried loading in the .hdr to no avail. The .hdr file is a text file; I’ve pasted an example header below. Thanks!

I don’t see the header here. If it is too long for copying here as a message then you can upload it to somewhere (Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.) and post the link here.

The link is below, and contains the header and image:


Was there any conclusion to whether Siemens hdr and img files can be added directly?

Since the header file contains pixel type, dimensions, and spacing, you can load the image file using RawImageGuess extension. If you need to load a lot of these then you can create a simple text converter script, which loads fields from the .hdr file and saves them as a .nhdr file