Simple way to disable Data Probe for some modules

What would a good way to disable the Data Probe for some specific modules? Is there a utility function for that? Thank you!

slicer.util has this function:

which you can use with detecting when your module is entered/exited to hide the data probe. This can be done by defining the enter() / exit() functions in your module. See:


Thank you! Very simple.

In the module panel you can disable and hide the help and acknowledgement section. Similarly for a active module, lets say ā€˜Landmarkregistrationā€™ module, I want to hide the ā€˜local refinementā€™ and ā€˜Registrationā€™, two collapsible frames. How can I do that?
I understand somehow I have to find the name of those the widgets and then make visible false. But i could not find a way to find the names of those items.