How to hide the default 3D Slicer GUI with Slicelet module?

like this

I add the slicelet example by"select Extension", am i right?
but it didn’t hide the disable slicer GUI

For Slicer 4.11 nightly, I think the encouraged method for running modules with reduced interface is to hide elements of the main GUI specifically instead of using the previously used method of specifying the --no-main-window command line argument and adding GUI elements.

Slicelets are regular modules, which hide user interface elements that are not necessary for the particular workflow and provide all required widgets on their module panel.

Hiding of user interface elements can be implemented in the setup method of the module widget class, using a combination of set…Visibility methods implemented in slicer.util.


The specific methods in slicer.util to use can be found here:


Hi! What you are doing seems useful for the community, as many people have asked about a simplified segmentation tool based on Slicer. Are you planning to make yours openly accessible? I think a lot of researchers would appreciate that. Thanks!

Thanks for your reply. I am not a professional developer. I just want to make some of work more custom friendly. And if I could, I would love to make my work openly accessible.

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