simpleITK, ITK,VTK Autocompletion

Hi all,

Maybe this is not the most appropriate place to post this.

I am using linux system and eclipse +PyDev for 3D Slicer extension development that we are building. But the auto completion/suggestions for vtk,itk and SimpleITK is not complete.

I then tried with spyder thinking of better integration in conda and it was better than eclipse.

Can someone tell me is this a problem with my configuration and paths or something else ?

Can someone let me know of the python IDE or editor that works well with itk,vtk and simpleITK in the sense of suggestions and auto completion feature.

I don’t face this problem with other libraries.

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Figure that out !!!

Getting auto-complete work for non-native Python packages is not easy. What we know that during debugging it should work perfectly, but we have mixed results outside the debugger.

What have you found out about auto-complete that helped you?

Well i had the new machine on which i did the fresh install of linux mint. Since i was struggling with autocompletion, i though it was due to paths not been configured/updated properly and i installed conda and the vtk, itk and SimpleITK --> openJDK --> Eclipse --> pyDev --> Configure anaconda3 paths and updated.

and now the autocompletion on itk and vtk and simpleITK works.

Technically it should work the other way round but still it is not working on the computer i am typing in.

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