Simulate user interactions

Hello Experts,

I am an IT professional who is trying to simulate a healthcare environment on a large scale and hence we are using software to simulate that workload on our systems, So I am basically trying to get 3D slicer to open up a nrrd file >> Go to “Volume Rendering” >> Click on Volume >> Select a Preset >> Change rendering to GPU >> look at the 3D image for 30-45 seconds and close the application.

I was able to automate the workflow using some scripts and automated mouse movements, the result is pretty decent ( You can watch the script in action @ ) but I was curious to know if I can simulate these steps using only Python or only keystrokes.

A new guy in 3D Slicer world

There are several self-tests that perform complex workflows, including loading data, setting up various visualizations, and simulating keystrokes and mouse movement.

For example:

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