Simulated Lightning

actually I am working on my master thesis about “Direct Volume Rendering in Medicine”. For this I am comparing different OpenSource Software products. Now I am researching about simulated lightning/ many light source methods in DVR. Perhaps the 3D-Slicer inlcudes such tools for a more detailed representation of volume data.

Unfortunately I can not find some information about this.

Maybe You have some interest information.

Thank You.

Slicer uses VTK for rendering. VTK has tons of lighting and volume rendering options in several rendering backends. In Slicer you can use most of these features. Most commonly needed features are exposed on the graphical user interface in Volume Rendering module in Slicer core and in Lights module in Sandbox extension; and you can access all other options via Python scripting using VTK API.

Let us know if you are not sure if a specific lighting method is available in Slicer or not.

@ZUSV5EHlK7 have a look at this thread to get ideas for work that is still needed:

Great, this is going in the right direction.

DVR is a very complex issue. Until now I only used the Slicer. Now I have to question how it works.

Thank you very much.

If you have more information, send it to me. It is a great help.

@ZUSV5EHlK7 you may also want to look at MRIcroGL. which blends Matcaps based on the gradients. I also strongly recommend the book real time volume graphics.