SIVIC Slicer plugin for Siemens MRSI


I need to overlay structural (DICOM or IMA) and multivoxel (rda) spectroscopy Siemens datasets. I’ve learned about the SIVIC MRSpectroscopy module but I’m struggling to find out how to make this module available in slicer 4.10.1. I have the SIVIC folder and I’ve tried put paste it inside several different slicer folders but with no success.

How can I had a new module to Slicer?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


I don’t think SIVIC was ever ported to Slicer 4. Probably best to use it standalone and probably you can save out files that Slicer can use as overlays.

Hi Pieper,

Thanks for your reply. Indeed, maybe it was only for slicer 3.